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ACCESS® hearing aids
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Medical-grade hearing aids for 75% less.

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ACCESS® hearing aids are a brand of earAccess® Inc., an award-winning company with a strong social mission to provide affordable hearing aids and services.

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For the first time in the Philippines, ACCESS® is making hearing aids accessible to all Filipinos, no matter where they live, paying in installments. Technology allows you to test your hearing and buy hearing aids from home. Hearing well made fast and easy. Contact us today!

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See what Filipinos are saying about ACCESS® hearing aids:

“My daughter Ashley is 14 years old. She has had trouble hearing since she was a child. Ashley became inactive at school and it was difficult for her to socialize with other classmates. When she was fitted with an ACCESS hearing aid, she finally heard again! We are so grateful for the help from the ACCESS team and my daughter has become an achiever and active again in school. Thank you!!” — Lotlot, Ashley’s mother, Metro Manila

“I visited an ACCESS shop for a hearing test and consultation for my son. The on-site specialist was very accommodating. Highly recommend.” — Lyn, Manila

“My father’s hearing started to decline ten years ago. When we bought an ACCESS hearing aid for him two years ago, he finally started to hear again. He is still using his hearing aid every day and I am so happy that now I can communicate with my father!” — Marvin, son of Silverio, Province of Malasiqui

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