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Hearing Problems of Children Aged 0 to 5

  • Hearing loss before 5 years of age is serious.
  • Hearing loss often reduces brain development.
  • Hearing loss also impairs speech.
  • Early detection is crucial.

Our Solution

  • Check your child’s hearing using our FREE online questionnaire.
  • Using this short FREE questionnaire will give you a good idea whether your child’s hearing is OK or not.
  • If needed, our specialist will contact you to help solve the problem.


  • Our pediatric clinic is equipped with the most complete and modern equipment available.
  • We were recognized as the Best Partner of the Year by the City of Mandaluyong where we tested over 30,000 children.

We have earned the trust. Your child will get the care that every parent hopes for. Do it: complete the FREE questionnaire now and be sure about your child’s hearing

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