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We believe in supporting Filipinos with hearing disabilities by providing them with the access to hearing care they need by offering hearing aids as low as 70% of the lowest priced units in the country.

Access to hearing care, including hearing aids, ensures better mental health, the possibility to attend school and more opportunities for employment in the long term. This translates into higher levels of economic productivity for individuals and their communities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Study on Deafness (2018), approximately 5% of Filipinos suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss requiring hearing aids which is about 5.3 million Filipinos. Additionally, 33% of people over 65 years old have disabling hearing loss, with 95% requiring hearing aids.

Our mission at earAccess® Philippines is to help people with hearing loss by providing high quality, durable hearing aids at affordable prices.

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The Manila Times

Best Partner of the Year

City of Mandaluyong (Manila)


Winner of the 2016 Social Venture Showcase

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Governor General's Innovation Awards